Since 1985, the ultimate goal behind MYLAS Machinery is to provide the best solutions to our customers. The modern design and innovative developments are attributed to the spirit of MYLAS. Explore the current MYLAS product portfolio to find out more.

  • Gang Tool Lathe
  • Dual Spindles & Dual Y-Axes
  • Up to 38 Tools
  • Optional Tailstock available
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  • Dual Spindles & Dual Turrets
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station VDI30/ BMT 45 Live Turret
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  • Double Spindle
  • Turret + Gang Tools
  • Y axis available
  • Superimposed Function
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  • Twin Spindle Twin Robot Lathe
  • For Mass Production, working diameter upto 42mm
  • Ultra Precise, small floor print
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  • One Live Turret & Dual Spindles
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station Live Turret
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  • 4 Live Tools on Y-Axis
  • Up to 6 Live Tools on Z-Axis
  • 6 Customized Tooling System
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  • One Spindle & One Turret
  • 2 Axes
  • Max 65mm Bar Dia
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  • Max 20mm Dia
  • 5 Tools
  • 2 Dual Shaft
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Lathes developed by MYLAS are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel...

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EMO HANNOVER 2019 Product Preview.

MYLAS will present three multitasking CNC turning center to boost productivity for customers at Hall 26/Booth A50
DY 60, the most advanced technology that MYLAS offered, adding the spindle max turning size to 60mm bar, upgraded Controller function, dual spindle, dual Y axis, upto 38 tools that can be used for the most complicated parts. The machine is suitable for Automobile, Aerospace, and electrical parts.


CNC Twin-Turret Multi-Tasking Turning Center
Dual Turret and Live tool unleash the maximum rigidity and decrease the cycle time for the hardest parts.
DT65, featuring with dual turret, 65mm max bar turning dia, double spindle, and Y axis. The boxway structure provides the maximum rigidity to cut the most difficult material, and slash the chips easily. The dual turret enable the dual channel to you can use for machining the front and back of the workpiece, which will decrease the cycle time upto 50%.


Two Spindle Twin-Turret CNC Turning Lathe
The cost effective machine GT42, gives the best capability in machining and save the costs at the same time.
GT42, Featuring with double spindle, Y axis, Sauter BMT Turret and gang tools for back machining. It is the more economic CNC turning center in MYLAS products line with dual channel machining. It is powerful solution for precision parts, and extremely fast cycle time.

About MYLAS:

MYLAS is CNC and Automatic lathes manufacturing company based in Taichung, Taiwan. With over 30 years of experience, aiming to provide ONE-STOP-SOLUTIONS for customers in different industries worldwide to strengthen their competitiveness, optimize production processes, and to achieve their goals with our high precision, high-end machines.

Stand Location: Hall 26, A50



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