Since 1985, the ultimate goal behind MYLAS Machinery is to provide the best solutions to our customers. The modern design and innovative developments are attributed to the spirit of MYLAS. Explore the current MYLAS product portfolio to find out more.

  • Dual Spindles & Dual Y-Axes
  • Up to 38 Tools
  • Optional Tailstock available
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  • Dual Spindles & Dual Turrets
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station VDI30/ BMT 45 Live Turret
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  • Double Spindle
  • Turret + Gang Tools
  • Y axis available
  • Superimposed Function
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  • One Live Turret & Dual Spindles
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station Live Turret
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  • 4 Live Tools on Y-Axis
  • Up to 6 Live Tools on Z-Axis
  • 6 Customized Tooling System
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  • One Spindle & One Turret
  • 2 Axes
  • Max 65mm Bar Dia
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S20 Model Double Spindle 6 Axis Swiss Type Automatic Lathe
  • Dual Y-Axes
  • Y2 with 8 Driven Tools for back machining
  • Up to 30 Cutting Tools
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  • Max 20mm Dia
  • 5 Tools
  • 2 Dual Shaft
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Lathes developed by MYLAS are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel...

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6 Axis Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe

S20 Model Double Spindle 6 Axis Swiss Type Automatic Lathe

Machine Highlights

  • S20 features a compact rigid machine structure with a slanted dovetail way ensuring accurate, smooth and reliable performance with exceptional dimensional accuracy. The high rigidity and durability results in extended cutting tool life.

  • The Swiss-type sliding head design in combination with an array of customizable cutting tool modules can incorporate up to 30 tools.

  • This machine is especially suited for the machining of high precision complex parts for the medical, aerospace, watch and automotive industries all at extremely fast cycle times.


Slanted dovetail way


Precision linear guide ways & rigid ballscrews on all axes


Uniquely designed coolant channels for optimal thermal dissipation


+/-40mm of travel on Y2 backworking module & equipped with 8 driven tools


Main spindle 10,000rpm, 2.2/3.7kW Sub-spindle 8,000rpm, 1.5/2.2kW

Simultaneous Machining, Double Y-axis for Complex Machining

  • For complex precision parts this machine has simultaneous machining capability on the main and sub-spindles.

  • There is also +/-40 mm of travel on the Y2 backworking module which is equipped with 8 driven tools.

  • The S20 can accommodate a variety of tools for overlapping and simultaneous operations.

  • Both the main and sub-spindle, feature full C-axis capabilities and can perform fast and accurate backside machining.

  • This Swiss-style design with or without guide bushings delivers versatility, rigidity, and high performance, perfect for short runs of complex parts made complete in a single set-up.

Backmachining Versatility

Cooling Jacket of Built-in Spindle

Uniquely designed coolant channels for optimal thermal dissipation. This maintains the dimensional stability during prolonged machining and improves machine life.


  • Capacity
    Max. Turning Length (mm) 200
    Max. Turning Diameter (mm) Ø20
  • Travel
    X1 Axis Travel (mm) 202
    Z1 Axis Travel (mm) 200
    Y1 Axis Travel (mm) 295
    X2 Axis Travel (mm) 319
    Z2 Axis Travel (mm) 200
    Y2 Axis Travel (mm) 50
    X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Z2 Axis Rapid Traverse (m/min) 24
    Y2 Axis Rapid Traverse (m/min) 20
  • Spindle
    Hole Through Spindle (mm) 24
    Spindle Speed (rpm) 10000
    Spindle Motor (Cont./15min Torque) (kW) 2.2 / 3.7 (3/5 HP)
    Sub Spindle Max. Speed (rpm) 8000
    Sub Spindle Motor (Cont./15min Torque) (kW) 1.5 / 2.2 (2/3 HP)
  • Front Machining Capacity
    No.of Tool Station (set) OD:6 / ID:6 / Y1:5~10 (Opt) / Y2:8
    Tool Size (Square) (mm) 12
    I.D. Boring Bar Holder (mm) Ø20
    Live Tools Holder Size (ER) ER-16
    Live Tool Motor Rpm (rpm) 7500
    Live Tool Motor (kW) 1.5
    Live Tool Max Drill Diameter (mm) 8
    Live Tool Max. Tapping Size (mm) M6 x P1.0
    Live Tool Max. Milling Capacity (mm) 10
  • Back Machining Capacity
    Y2 Live Tool Rpm (rpm) 8000
    Y2 Axis Moto (kW) 0.75
    Y2 Static Drill Max. Diameter (mm) 8
    Y2 Live Tool Drill Max. Diameter (mm) 5
    Y2 Static Tapping Max. Diameter (mm) M8 x P1.25
    Y2 Live Tool Tapping Max. Diameter (mm) M4 x P0.7
  • Machine Dimension (WxDxH)
    (mm) 2300 x 1570 x 2103
Standard Accessories
  • Mitsubishi Controller

  • Pneumatic Unit

  • Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • C-Axis Control (Main Spindle / Sub Spindle)

  • Guide Bush Unit

  • Drive System for Power-Driven Attachment
    (Including the 5 Tools for Cross-Milling Unit)

  • Back 8-Spindle Live Tool Unit

  • Sub-Spindle Air Blow Unit

  • Parts Ejection Detector

  • Work Light

  • Coolant Level Detector (Lower Limit)

  • Spindle Clamp Unit (Main / Sub-Spindle)

  • 6-Station OD Tool Holder

  • 6-Spindle Sleeve Holder

  • 2-Spindle Front Sleeve Holder (for Deep Hole)

  • Sub-Spindle Air Purge

  • Broken Cutoff Tool Detector

  • Automatic Bar Feeder Interface

  • Parts Catcher

  • Parts Conveyor

  • Chip Box

  • Coolant Flow Detector

Optional Accessories
  • Long Parts Ejector with Guide Tube

  • Live Tool Holder for Main and Sub Spindle

  • Transformer

  • Regulator

  • High Pressure Coolant Unit

  • Bar Feeder

  • CE Norms

  • Fanuc Controller