Since 1985, the ultimate goal behind MYLAS Machinery is to provide the best solutions to our customers. The modern design and innovative developments are attributed to the spirit of MYLAS. Explore the current MYLAS product portfolio to find out more.

  • Dual Spindles & Dual Y-Axes
  • Up to 38 Tools
  • Optional Tailstock available
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  • Dual Spindles & Dual Turrets
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station VDI30/ BMT 45 Live Turret
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  • One Live Turret & Dual Spindles
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station Live Turret
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  • 4 Live Tools on Y-Axis
  • Up to 6 Live Tools on Z-Axis
  • 6 Customized Tooling System
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  • One Spindle & One Turret
  • 2 Axes
  • Max 65mm Bar Dia
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  • Dual Y-Axes
  • Y2 with 8 Driven Tools for back machining
  • Up to 30 Cutting Tools
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  • Max 20mm Dia
  • 5 Tools
  • 2 Dual Shaft
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Lathes developed by MYLAS are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel...

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CNC Turning Center

MY-TURN DY42/DY52 Multi-Tasking Turning Center
  • Capabilities: This CNC multi-tasking turning center is an advanced machine designed to process precision complex parts in one setup.

  • Front Machining: VDI30/BMT45 12-Stations, Up to 24 tools, 7.5/11 kW Spindle Power, 55 mm Through Hole.

  • Back Machining: Gang Tools Slide: 14 Tools, 3 Cross Live Tools, 3 Face Live Tools, 3 OD & 5 ID Tools.

  • Power & Versatility: It has Double Spindles, a VDI 12 station Turret and a 2nd Y-Axis for back machining with 14 tools for a total capacity of up to 38 tools. This solution with superimposed cutting is a powerful combination of precision and two Y-axes for machining of complex workpieces with extremely fast cycle times.

MY-TURN DT42/DT52/DT65 Twin Spindle Dual Turret Multitasking Turning Center
MY-TURN DT42 / DT52 / DT65
  • Capabilities: This multi-tasking CNC turning center is an advanced machine designed for precision complex parts processed in one setup.

  • Front Machining: VDI30/BMT45 12-Stations, Up to 24 tools, 7.5/11 kW Spindle Power, 55 mm Through Hole.

  • Back Machining: VDI 25 8-Stations Sub-Turret, 3.7/5.5 kW Spindle Power, 48 mm Through Hole.

  • Power & Versatility: It has Double Spindles and Turrets with back machining provided by an 8-station sub-turret and sub-spindle with a total tool capacity of up to 32 tools. This solution is a powerful combination of power, precision and versatility.

MY-TURN T42/T52/T60DSY Twin Spindle Mill-Turn Multitasking Turning Center
MY-TURN T42 / T52 / T60DSY
  • Twin spindle configuration allows for both front and back machining.

  • C-axis functionality on both main and sub-spindle

  • Y-axis functionality promotes side and face milling, drilling, and tapping.

  • A2-5 spindle nose.

  • 12-station live turret ensures efficient milling, drilling, and tapping.

  • 6000rpm high speed spindle.

  • High precision spindle accommodates collect chucks and 3-jaw chucks.

  • X, Z, Y-axis feed rates: 24/24/10 M/min.

MY-TURN T25 / T36 / T42
MY-TURN T25 / T36 / T42
  • 8-position servo turret provides fast positioning and shortened machining time.

  • Combined turret and gang-type tooling system.

  • Various tooling configurations to meet your specific needs.

  • High precision spindle accommodates collet chucks and 3-jaw chucks.

  • C-axis functionality on spindle allows for milling, drilling, and tapping.

  • High/low pressure coolant pump for fine surface finishing and deep hole drilling.

  • Extra large 340mm travel on X-axis for excellent machining capabilities.

  • Oversized box ways on X and Z-axis for maximum stability.

  • Syntec PC-based, Fanuc, or Mitsubishi controllers are available.

  • Combined with C-axis functionality, Y-axis is capable of performing end milling, drilling, and tapping operations. Especially suitable for small and complex parts production.

  • By working with live tools, the face milling function can also drill eccentric holes or taps, saving on secondary workpiece set-up time.

MY-TURN 42 / 52 / 65
MY-TURN 42 / 52 / 65
  • High quality and automatic complex parts production.

  • Up to 24 hours non-stop operation.

  • Up to 16 hours unmanned operation.

  • Main turret and sub-turret can work simultaneously.

  • 2-axis turret for versatile operations.

  • Designed with heavy-duty machining in mind.

  • Oversized box-way design.

  • Optional tailstock for shaft machining

  • Auto tool length measurement and tool offset compensation.