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Renewed Partnerships. Refined Machines.

About US



As a family business, MYLAS has grown to value two main things. On the one side, loyalty and support. Continuity and relevance on the other.

It would be fair to say that MYLAS has followed a path not unlike many other manufacturers in the CNC industry: Building and consolidating its strength on the back of sturdy CNC lathe machines and solid engineering. But we believe that our strength is starting to shine through.
As we plan for new ideas. And map out our path for the future. Online and Offline.With a renewed commitment to those who trust us. And a firm promise to those who are discovering us.
That the MYLAS brand is the next best thing in terms of innovation and relevance in the CNC turning industry. As we commit firmly to the years ahead with youthful optimism.

Renewed Partnerships. Refined Machines.


Sales of lathe machinery 6500
Global Distributor 30


In today's rapidly changing world, we firmly believe that innovation is the key to progress. By consistently driving innovation, we lead the way towards the future, shaping the evolution of industries. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technology and solutions, enabling our customers to face challenges and seize opportunities. Our focus goes beyond product performance – we prioritize partnering with our customers, working hand in hand to achieve success. We strongly believe that through innovation, we can create a better and more sustainable future.

To deliver significant contributions through innovative technology for the future of CNC turning development.


I have always believed that doing what you love is where passion originates. My passion has always been my fascination with CNC lathe machinery and I strive for perfection in all of the small details. That’s what makes the difference.

Z.C Chang -Quality Engineer


I’ve been at MYLAS for over 25 years and many things have changed. But one thing I noticed long ago is that the aim for quality here does not change! This is part of my motivation to work hard with my team to achieve our vision together and build the best lathes possible.

S.C Yang- Production Director


At MYLAS we believe in a personal approach to customers. Customized CNC lathe machines are an important part of our story because we develop lathes to solve our customer’s specific problems. The company gives me space to develop myself as well as new CNC lathe machines, and when I see my drawing come alive in the form of a CNC lathe machine, that’s what keeps me moving forward.

F.C Liao- RD Director

MYLAS is dedicated to employing the same innovative spirit to developing multi-axis turning centers through product research and development. Our CNC lathe machines offer superior precision, superb stable operations and reliable long-term production.


We strive to provide our partners with immediate, reliable, and complete support and services to build a solid cooperative relationship.

Renewed Partnerships. Refined Machines.
Strong family company
Pay attention to
service quality
R&D energy
Willingness to do