Quality Control

Quality Control



Each machine undergoes a thorough inspection including use of a Renishaw laser calibration system with advanced software to ensure each machine performs at the highest possible accuracy and best dynamic performance.

This provides you with the optimal machining capability for long-term use and a sound investment.



Our metrology laboratory is equipped with the latest measuring and inspection devices to qualify the parts and components that are used in building each machine.

A CMM is being used in this view to measure the box way of a current machine being built.


Consistent Quality

Exceptional quality comes from perfecting the smallest details. Every stage in the production chain from raw materials inspection to machining, testing, final product assembly and delivery must repeatedly pass specialized tests and strict quality control procedures to ensure every CNC lathe is defect free. These rigorous quality controls extend machine life and improve the overall functionality and value of our machines.


Our QA Team monitors every step during the machine building process and focuses on the systematic measurement of more than 200 items to prevent unnecessary errors.


All machines are inspected for static and dynamic precision, from the smallest parts to the complete machine, the quality inspection is thorough from top to bottom including a 72 hour running test.


Your safety is our priority and each machine meets global standards including CE, UL and all relative safety and environmental protection requirements.


MYLAS has a qualified management system, ISO 9001 and emphasizes customers’ satisfaction, quality management, services, and organizational development.


We calibrate the spindles, the hydraulic cylinders, and the chuck with a run-out calibration device to make sure the run-out is as low as possible and this helps to reduce vibration during machining and provides longer tool and spindle life.