CNC Multi-tasking turning center double spindle double turret MY-TURN DT42 / DT52 / DT65
Machine Highlights :
  • Capabilities: This multi-tasking turning center is an advanced machine designed for precision complex parts processed in one setup.
  • Power & Versatility: It has Double Spindles and Turrets with back machining provided by an 8-station sub-turret and sub-spindle with a total tool capacity of up to 32 tools. This solution is a powerful combination of power, precision and versatility.
  • Front Machining: BMT45 12-Stations, Up to 24 tools, 7.5/11 kW Spindle Power, 55 mm Through Hole.
  • Back Machining: VDI 25 8-Stations Sub-Turret, 3.7/5.5 kW Spindle Power, 48 mm Through Hole.


  • Box ways on all axes are oversized and precision ground to a near mirror finish for smooth, fast precision movements providing dynamic rigidity and heavy-duty cutting ability
  • The sub-turret for back machining can reduce cycle times significantly with superimposed cutting to complete parts in one setup. Driven tools at all 8 stations are possible
  • Heavy-duty precision spindle design for enhanced thermal stability & power
  • The main turret has 12 stations and with multi-tool holders up to 24 tools can be equipped. Driven tools at all 12 stations are possible
  • Meehanite cast material is used and stress relieved to provide the best possible rigidity and vibration dampening base for machining parts with excellent surface finishes
  • Y-axis travel +/- 35mm is supported by two slides, distributing the machining force evenly to ensure accuracy and rigidity
  • Y-axis travel +/- 35mm is supported by two slides, distributing the machining force evenly to ensure accuracy and rigidity
  • Z-axis is equipped with precision high-rigidity 32mm ball screws and all other axes use 28mm ball screws to ensure fast feed rates and extended long-term durability for trouble free machining
 ITEMUnitDT42 S正DT52 S正DT65 S正S副
加工能力Chuck typetypeDIN173EDIN177ESAD-65DIN173E
Max. turning length of barmm13515015060
Max. turning lengthmm350350350 
Max. turning diametermm150150150135
Max. turning diameter of barmmØ42Ø50Ø65Ø42
行程X1 / X2 axis travelmm175(X1)175(X1)175(X1)240(X2)
Z1 / Z2 axis travelmm450(Z1)450(Z1)450(Z1)500(Z2)
Y1 / Y2 axis travelmm±35(Y1)±35(Y1)±35(Y1) 
X1 / X2 axis rapid traverseM/min18(X1)18(X1)18(X1)18(X2)
Z1 / Z2 axis rapid traverseM/min24(Z1)24(Z1)24(Z1)24(Z2)
Y1 / Y2 axis rapid traverseM/min18(Y1)18(Y1)18(Y1) 
主軸Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-6A2-4
Spindle speedrpm50-500050-450050-450050-5000
Spindle motor (cont/30min)kW7.5/117.5/117.5/113.7/5.5
主刀塔No.of tool stationset121212 
Size of O.D tool holdermm202020 
Size of I.D tool holdermm252525 
Turret indexing timesec0.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3 
Spindle speed of toolrpm600060006000 
Tool spindle motor (cont./30mins) kW2.2/3.72.2/3.72.2/3.7 
Tool spindle torque (cont./30mins)NM14/23.514/23.5
副刀塔No.of tool stationset   8
Size of O.D. tool holdermm   20
Size of I.D. tool holdermm   20
Turret indexing timesec   0.1-0.3
Spindle speed of toolrpm   6000
Tool spindle motorkW   2.2kw
Tool spindle torqueNM   22
油箱Coolant tank capacityL250250250 
尺寸Length of machinemm260026002600 
Wideth of machinemm195019501950 
Height of machinemm180018001800 
Weight of machineKg510051005100 
其他Floor area (standard equipment)mm4900x37104900x37104900x3710 
Power supplyKva555555 


Standard Accessories :
  • Fanuc Controller

  • Collet Chuck

  • Workpiece Ejector

  • 12-Station Power Turret

  • 8-Station Sub Turret

  • Auto Lubrication System

  • Coolant System

  • Sub-Spindle Inner Coolant & Air Blow

  • Coolant & Air Blow

  • Auto Power Shut-Off

  • Signal Tower

  • Parts Catcher

  • Parts Conveyor

  • Air Blow for SP1 / SP2

  • High Pressure Coolant System (20 Bar)

Optional Accessories :
  • Live Tool Holder

  • Static Tool Holder

  • 6" Power Chuck for SP1

  • 5" Power Chuck for SP2

  • High Pressure Coolant

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Oil Mist Collector

  • Bar Feeder

  • Transformer

  • Regulator

  • Mitsubishi Controller

  • Tailstock

Sauter VDI30/BMT45-12 Stations
Main Turret

The main turret has 12 stations but with multi-tool holders up to 24 tools are possible. Fanuc Alpha 2 motors provide driven tools up to 6000 rpm with high power and speed. Bidirectional turret indexing allows the shortest path to the next tool for faster cycle times. A 20 bar high pressure coolant system provides fast chip removal and longer tool life.

  • Fanuc Alpha 2 Motor-High torque, resolution & precision

  • Driven tools: 2.2/3.75 kW & 23.5 N.m

  • Optional 50/100 bar High Pressure Coolant Systems

Sauter VDI 25-8 Stations

The Y2 gang tool slide with a total of 14 tools can shorten machining times while also allowing for unparalleled back machining of complex workpieces. Cycle times can also be significantly reduced with superimposed cutting. High power and torque Fanuc Alpha 8 6000rpm servo motors can power through the most demanding parts.

  • Optional 50/100 bar High Pressure Coolant Systems

  • Driven tool power: 2.2 kW & 22 N.m

  • Turrets designed for faster indexing time and outstanding thermal stability


Twin Spindle & Twin Turrets

With back machining provided by a sub-turret and sub-spindle and a total tool capacity of up to 32 this solution is a powerful combination of power, precision and versatility & with Y-axis travel of +/-35mm this makes DT42 even more productive.


Workpiece Applications


MaterialAluminum 7005

Size66 x 16 mm

Cycle time240 sec

OperationsTurning, Milling, Engraving, Back machining


MaterialSUS 340

Size33 x 185 mm

Cycle time33 x 185 mm

OperationsTurning and Wrap Contour Milling

IndustryMechanical Parts


Size11 x 31 mm

Cycle time11 x 31 mm

OperationsTurning, Milling, Back machining


MaterialAluminum 7005

Size45 x 16 mm

Cycle time540 sec

OperationsTurning, Milling, Back machining