CNC Multi-tasking turning center double spindle single turret with simple sub tool system MY-TURN GT42 / GT52
Machine Highlights :
  • Capabilities: This heavy duty multi-tasking turning center is an advanced and economical solution designed to process precision complex parts with fast cycle times.

  • Power & Versatility: It has Double Spindles, a BMT 12 station turret and 4 gang tools for economical machining. Coupled with superimposed cutting it’s a powerful solution for precision complex workpieces with extremely fast cycle times.

  • Front Machining: BMT 45, 12 Stations, Up to 24 Tools, 7.5/11 kW Spindle Power, 55 mm Through Hole

  • Back Machining: GT42: 4 x 20 mm ID Tools, GT52: 4 x 16 mm ID Tools, Or 3x 20 mm ID Tools, Or 3x 25 mm ID Tools



  • Boxways on all axes are oversized and precision ground to a near mirror finish for smooth, fast precision movements providing dynamic rigidity & heavy-duty cutting ability
  • The main turret has 12 stations. With multi-tool holders up to 24 tools can be equipped. Driven tools at all 12 stations are possible.
  • Heavy-duty precision spindle design for enhanced thermal stability & power
  • GT42-4x 20mm ID Tools, GT52- 4x 16mm ID Tools, or 3x 20mm or 3x 25mm for complex, fast back machining & superimposed cutting that reduces cycle times.
  • Meehanite cast material is used and stress relieved to provide the best possible rigidity and vibration dampening base for machining parts with excellent surface finishes
  • Y1-Axis travel +/- 35mm is supported by two slides, distributing the machining force evenly to ensure accuracy and rigidity
  • 45 degree wedge design for fast chip flow and removal from the machining area for a thermally stable work platform
  • Z-axis is equipped with precision high-rigidity 32mm ball screws & all other axes use 28mm ball screws to ensure fast feed rates and extended long-term durability for trouble free machining
 ITEMUnitGT42 S正GT52 S正S副
加工能力Chuck typetypeDIN173EDIN177EDIN173E
Max. turning length of barmm13515060
Max. turning lengthmm350350 
Max. turning diametermm150150135
Max. turning diameter of barmmØ42Ø51Ø32
行程X1 / X2 axis travelmm180(X1)180(X1)259(X2)
Z1 / Z2 axis travelmm435(Z1)435(Z1)490(Z2)
Y axis travelmm±35±35 
X1 / X2 axis rapid traverseM/min18(X1)18(X1)18(X2)
Z1 / Z2 axis rapid traverseM/min24(Z1)24(Z1)24(Z2)
Y axis rapid traverseM/min1818 
主軸Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-4
Spindle speedrpm50-500050-450050-6000
Spindle motor (cont/30min )kW7.5/117.5/113.7/5.5
主刀塔No.of tool stationset1212 
Size of O.D tool holdermm2020 
Size of I.D tool holdermm2525 
Turret indexing timesec0.1-0.30.1-0.3 
Spindle speed of toolrpm60006000 
Tool spindle motor (cont/30min) kW2.2/3.72.2/3.7 
Tool spindle torque (cont/30min)NM14/23.514/23.5 
副刀塔No.of tool stationset12128
Size of O.D tool holdermm202020
Size of I.D tool holdermm252520
Turret indexing timesec0.1-0.30.1-0.30.1-0.3
Spindle speed of toolrpm600060006000
Tool spindle motor (cont/30min torque) kW2.2/3.72.2/3.72.2
Tool spindle torque (cont/30min torque)NM14/23.614/23.622
油箱Coolant tank capacityL250250 
尺寸Length of machinemm26002600 
Wideth of machinemm19501950 
Height of machinemm18001800 
其他Weight of machineKg51005100 
Floor area (standard equipment)mm4985x36404985x3640 
Power supplyKva5050 


Standard Accessories :
  • Fanuc Controller

  • Collet Chuck

  • Workpiece Ejector

  • 12-Station Power Turret

  • Gang Tool System

  • Auto Lubrication System

  • Coolant System

  • Sub-Spindle Inner Coolant & Air Blow

  • Coolant Level Sensor

  • Auto Power Shut-Off

  • Signal Tower

  • High Pressure Coolant System (20 Bar)

Optional Accessories :
  • Live Tool Holder

  • Static Tool Holder

  • 6" Power Chuck for SP1

  • 5" Power Chuck for SP2

  • Air Blow for SP1/SP2

  • High Pressure Coolant System (50 Bar/100 Bar)

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Oil Mist Collector

  • Live Tool Holder

  • Static Tool Holder

  • 6" Power Chuck for SP1

  • 5" Power Chuck for SP2

  • Air Blow for SP1/SP2

  • High Pressure Coolant System (50 Bar/100 Bar)

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Oil Mist Collector

Turrets/ Backmachining
SAUTER BMT45 / VDI 30-12
Stations Main Turret

The main turret has 12 stations, but with multi-tool holders up to 24 tools are possible. Fanuc Alpha 2 motors provide driven tools up to 6000 rpm with high power and speed. Bidirectional turret indexing allows the shortest path to the next tool for faster cycle times. A 20 bar high pressure coolant system provides fast chip removal and longer tool life.

  • Fanuc Alpha 2 Motor-High torque, resolution & precision

  • Driven tools: 2.2/3.75 kW & 23.5 N.m

  • Optional 50/100 bar High Pressure Coolant Systems

Gang Tool Slide/ Backmachining

For back machining, the 4 gang tools can shorten machining times and provides an economic solution for processing of mass production parts.

  • GT42: 4x 20 mm ID Tools

  • GT52: 4x 16 mm ID Tools

  • Or 3x 20 mm ID Tools

  • Or 3x 25 mm ID Tools

Optional Tailstock

An optional tailstock unit is available to process long parts in the same setup for added versatility.



Productivity & Complex Machining
Y-Axis Enhanced Machining Capability in One Setup Speed, Precision & Complex Parts


Sauter BMT 45/VDI 30 Turret (Y1-Axis)
  • 24 Tools Possible-12 station German branded turret for reliable heavy-duty cutting for non-stop production is equipped with half-indexing and fast tool changes of only 0.2 sec.

  • Fanuc Alpha 2 servos for driven tools up to 6000rpm for powerful high-performance cutting of the most difficult materials with ease and speed

  • 20 Bar High Pressure Coolant systems also provides fast chip removal and longer tool life necessary in for prolonged serial production. (Optional 50/100 bar)

  • Y1-axis Travel +/- 35mm

Back Machining Gang Tools
  • 4 tools-For back machining of complex workpieces, the added capability will shorten cycle times significantly.

  • Superimposed Cutting for High Productivity-Cycle times can be significantly reduced with superimposed cutting