CNC Multi-tasking Turning Center Machine: Double Spindle Single Turret with 3 Channels MY-TURN MTY51/65


  • One-piece-formed base: The base is made as a 60-degree one-piece-formed, which decreases the negative influence from the casting combination and also ameliorates the chip transferring.
  • Customized turret: The specialized turret, designed from MYLAS and SAUTER, mainly reduces the interference of each turret while triple system movement.
  • High-level end controller: For simultaneous machining, all three programs can be monitored in one shot, which maximizes the convenience of the tool control.
  • Multi-axes linear guideway: For better accuracy and speed, X and Z-axis are equipped with linear guideways.
  • Boxy way on dual Y axes: The machine is equipped double BMT-55 turret that increases the loading of each Y-axis. To meliorate the stability and rigid, double Y axes design in a boxy way.

ModelMTY51 / MTY65
ChannelDouble channelDouble channelDouble channelDouble channelTriple channel
Y-axisSingle Y axisSingle Y axisDouble Y axisDouble Y axisDouble Y axis
TailstockNot availableAvailableNot availableAvailableAvailable
ApplicationThe machining time between the main spindle and sub-spindle is more than twice.The length of the workpiece is more than five times of diameter.The workpieces are with high-ratio milling machining of full processes.The total length of workpieces, with high-ratio milling machining of full processes, is longer than 5 times of diameter. With triple channels simultaneously machining, the workpiece should be machined in more than 32 processes. The ratio of side machining is higher than front processes.


Main spindle
Chuck diamm6"8"6"8"6"8"6"8"6"8"
Max. turning diametermm180180180180180180180180180180
Max. turning bar diametermm51655165516551655165
Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6
Hole through spindlemm62796279627962796279
Spindle speedrpm5500400055004000550040005500400055004000
Spindle motor (cont / 30 min)kw7.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/117.5/11
Sub spindle
Chuck diamm6"6"6"6"6"6"6"6"6"6"
Max.turning diametermm180180180180180180180180180180
Max.turning bar diametermm42424242424242424242
Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5
Hole through spindlemm55555555555555555555
Spindle speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000600060006000
Spindle motor (cont/30min torque)kw5.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.55.5/7.5
X1 axis travelmm186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5186.5
X2 axis travelmm175175175175175175175175175175
X3 axis travelmm--145145--145145145145
Z1 axis travelmm600600600600600600600600600600
Z2 axis travelmm600600600600600600600600600600
Z3 axis travelmm590590590590590590590590590590
Y1 axis travelmm±45±45±45±45±45±45±45±45±45±45
Y2 axis travelmm----±45±45±45±45±45±45
Tailstock travelmm--100100--100100100100
Quill taper---MT4MT4--MT4MT4MT4MT4
X1 axis rapid traversemm/min24242424242424242424
X2 axis rapid traversemm/min24242424242424242424
X3 axis rapid traversemm/min24242424242424242424
Z1 axis rapid traversemm/min36363636363636363636
Z2 axis rapid traversemm/min36363636363636363636
Z3 axis rapid traversemm/min36363636363636363636
Y1 axis rapid traversemm/min18181818181818181818
Y2 axis rapid traversemm/min----181818181818
No.of tool stationset16161616161616161616
Tool size(SQUARE)mm20202020202020202020
I.D.of boring bar holdermm25252525252525252525
Live tool rotating speedrpm6000600060006000600060006000600060006000
Live tool rotating torque (cont / 60 min)NM17.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.617.7 / 23.6
17.7 / 23.6
Coolant tank capacityL690690690690690690690690690690
Machine widthmm3600360036003600360036003600360036003600
Machine depthmm1976197619761976197619761976197619761976
Machine heightmm2175217521752175217521752175217521752175
Foundation dimensionmm4135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 31954135 x 3195
4135 x 3195
Power supplyKVA75757575757575757575



  • BMT 55 - 16 position
  • Max. tool number: 64 tools
  • Max. live tool number: 32 tools
  • Rotating speed: 6000 rpm
  • Rotating torque: 17.7 NM
  • Indexing time: 0.16 secs 50% faster than other series