CNC Multi-tasking Turning Center Machine: Single Spindle Single Turret with Y-axis MY-TURN T42/52/60DSY
Machine Highlights


  • Twin spindle configuration allows for both front and back machining.

  • C-axis functionality on both main and sub-spindle

  • Y-axis functionality promotes side and face milling, drilling, and tapping.

  • A2-5 spindle nose.

  • 12-station live turret ensures efficient milling, drilling, and tapping.

  • 6000rpm high speed spindle.

  • High precision spindle accommodates collect chucks and 3-jaw chucks.

  • X, Z, Y-axis feed rates: 24/24/10 M/min.



The Y-axis is designed for performing additional side milling, and thanks to the compound Y-axis design, it provides higher rigidity than a perpendicular Y-axis. The additional machining capabilities greatly increase versatility, and due to the twin spindle functionality, greatly increases productivity. This unique Y-axis design delivers versatility, rigidity, and high performance, for customers performing the most complex component machining.



Double Spindle

The double spindle design promotes the ability to finish machining parts with only one set-up. This is because of the front and back machining capabilities, which vastly reduces cycle times, and enhances manufacturing accuracy due to the fact that complex parts only require a single set-up. With a C-axis indexing accuracy of up to 0.001°, and C-axis functionality on both the main and sub-spindle, versatile and high precision machining is guaranteed.

The smaller multi-spindle lathes are usually called screw machines specializing in high-volume production with high accuracy, low cycle time, and very little human intervention.

12 Station Live Turret

Powered by a Fanuc alpha motor, the live turret /live tooling lathe provides high torque and massive cutting capabilities. VDI 30 and BMT 45 tool holder specs available on request.

Oversized Box-ways on all Axes

All axes feature an oversized box-way design for dramatically increased rigidity and stability. The box-ways are also specially heat treated and precision ground for higher durability and rigidity.

The Spindle

The precision belt drive system provides greater spindle control, flexibility, and serviceability. Pulley ratios fine tune the motor’s maximum rpm to match the spindle’s maximum rpm, which result in maximum output at the lowest possible rpm. Thus, utilizing the full potential of the spindle motor for maximum cutting power
Features P4 class (ABEC-7) super-high precision bearings that are directly assembled for a maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration is designed for heavy-duty cutting with ultra-smooth performance, and long term durability with a higher level of accuracy.

Parts Catcher (Optional Accessories)

The optional parts catcher can be used for convenient and efficient parts collection. The parts catcher can deliver finished workpieces directly onto the parts conveyor for automatic removal and collection.

High/Low Pressure Coolant Pump (Optional Accessories)

This machine employs a high/low pressure coolant pump, where the high pressure pump delivers powerful coolant to the turret and the low pressure pump delivers coolant to the spindle. The discharge pressure of the pump is 20psi. The coolant tank also separates the oil for convenient cleaning, while also removing odor and minimizing coolant deterioration.

Chip Conveyor (Optional Accessories)

A chip conveyor can be attached for automatic removal of excess chips. Either a screw type or a chain type conveyor can be used.


Tooling System

Driven by a Fanuc servo motor, the VDI 30 12-position live tool turret offers fast tool indexing as quick as 0.3s. this live tool turret/ live tool CNC lathe provides maximum versatility and speed with exceptional cutting power.


加工能力Max. turning diameter of barmmØ42Ø50.8Ø60
Max. turning lengthmm126156180
Max. turning diametermmØ150Ø150Ø150
行程X1 axis travelmm150150150
Z1 axis travelmm320300300
Y1 axis travelmm±30±30±30
Z2 axis travelmm360300300
主軸Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-6
Spindle speedrpm60-500060-400060-3500
Spindle motor (cont./30min)kW3.7/5.57.5/117.5/11
副主軸Spindle nosetypeA2-4A2-4A2-4
Spindle speedrpm500050005000
Spindle motor (cont./30min)kW3.7/5.53.7/5.53.7/5.5
動力刀塔Powet turret typetypeVDI 30VDI 30VDI 30
No. of tool stationset12/1212/1212/12
Size of O.D tool holdermm202020
Size of I.D tool holdermm252525
Turret indexing timesec0.3~0.90.3~0.90.3~0.9
快速進給X1 axis rapid traverseeM/min181818
Z1 axis rapid traverseeM/min242424
Y1 axis rapid traverseeM/min181818
Z2 axis rapid traverseeM/min242424
Tailstock travelmm230230230
Quill taper MTMT3MT3MT3
尺寸Length of machinemm242025402540
Wideth of machinemm150015001500
Height of machinemm172017201720
Weight of machineKG350035503600
油箱Coolant tank capacityL150150150
其他Floor area (standard equipment)mm4550x30354550x30354550x3035
Power supplyKva303030



Standard Accessories :
  • Collet Chuck

  • 3 Color Indicator Light

  • Work Lamp

  • Bar Feeder Interface

  • VDI Live Turret

  • Coolant System

  • Auto Lubrication System

  • Fully Enclosed Splash Guard

  • Auto Power Off

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet

  • Fanuc Oi–TD Controller

Optional Accessories :
  • Parts Catcher

  • Parts Conveyor

  • Oil Mist Collector

  • Oil Skimmer

  • High Pressure Coolant System

  • Tool Setter

  • VDI Live Tool

  • Power Transformer

  • Power Regulator

  • 6"3–jaw Chuck

  • Coolant Detection Switch

  • Bar Feeder

  • Mitsubishi M70 Controller

  • Tail Stock