MYLAS X EMO Show Impression

By Viya Lin
EMO, the European leading trade show for the manufacturing industries and a world's indicator for metalworking technology. Visitors from all over the world eagerly seek the valuable opportunities to contribute and to change the future technology.

As years of preparation, MYLAS is ready to step into EMO this year to provide High-Tech CNC Turning Centers to the globe with its innovative functions and design.




Surprisingly, the show was highly successful regarding the worldwide launch of our popular product, MY-TURN DT42/52 - Dual Spindle/ Dual Turret and the new product MY- TURN DY42/52 - Dual Spindle/ Dual Y Axes Gang Tools.


MYLAS Advantage

From functionality and quality's perspectives, DT42/52 has earned numerous customers' positive reviews. The ALL-IN-ONE concept is designed to fit different industries from simple to complicated parts. You buy one, you buy it all. While German and Japanese branded machines has always been recognized as the best quality guarantee, our team believe machines Made in Taiwan outstand both quality and the price.





Our Global Dealers Network from around the world were here as well to solve and answer any questions the customers have. MYLAS Team sincerely thank everyone at the show for the support. We will see you all in two years. Ciao!