Double CNC lathe with automation solution TT42
Machine Highlights :
  • Automated High Speed Production: Front and back machining can be completed in one setup. Max. 5 tools for each side.

  • Capabilities: This machine is for mass production of components and is integrated with gantry robots to reduce operator inputs. Custom automation configurations can be made for specific workpieces and output requirements.


  • The machine base is designed as a 1 piece structure for high rigidity, less deformation and with unique coolant channels to limit thermal growth.
  • Linear Roller guide way for fast feed rates & roller guides for increased rigidity.
  • Gang tool with dove tail design. It can be adjusted to match to the center of the spindle so the precision of the tool center can be guaranteedand increases turning precision and tool life.
  • Built-in spindle with max. 8000rpm, provides faster acceleration and cycle times, less vibration, and better workpiece finish.
  • Integrated gantry robot, provides smaller footprint, easy adjustment and maintenance.
  • 4”3 jaw chuck , collet chuck, pneumatic or diaphragm chuck can be installed.
  • The slide way applied grease lubrication to ensure less thermal growth due to heat and save the cost while refill the lubrication oil(grease lubrication only need to refill approximately 6 month).
ITEM項目Unit主軸( R )主軸( L )
Swing over saddle鞍架旋徑mm150150
Chuck diameter夾頭直徑mm4”/ RD424”/ RD42
Max. turning diameter of bar棒材最大切削長度mm4242
Max. turning length最大切削長度mm5050
Max. turning diameter最大切削直徑mm4242
X( R ) axis travelX( R )軸行程mm235
X( L ) axis travelX( L )軸行程mm235
Z( R ) axis travelZ( R )軸行程mm250
Z( L ) axis travelZ( L )軸行程mm250
Spindle nose主軸鼻端typeA2-4A2-4
Spindle speed主軸轉速rpm50-800050-8000
Spindle motor (cont/30min torque)主軸馬達扭力 (持續/30分)N.M14/2414/24
Tool PostTool station type刀具型式type櫛式刀具櫛式刀具
No. of tool station刀具數量set55
Size of O.D tool holder外徑刀座尺寸mm16/2016/20
Size of I.D tool holder內徑刀座內孔mm20/2520/25
MotorSpindle motor 主軸馬達kW3.7/2.23.7/2.2
Axis motor 軸向馬達kW1.2/1.21.2/1.2
Hydraulic motor油壓油馬達kW0.750.75
Coolant motor切削液馬達kW0.90.9
X( R )axis rapid traverse (Cont / 30 min)X( R )軸快速進給(持續/30分) M/min18/2418/24
Z( R ) axis rapid traverse (Cont / 30 min)Z( R )軸快速進給(持續/30分) M/min18/2418/24
X( L )axis rapid traverse (Cont / 30 min)X( L )軸快速進給(持續/30分) M/min18/2418/24
Z( L ) axis rapid traverse (Cont / 30 min)Z( L )軸快速進給(持續/30分) M/min18/2418/24
Machine dimension (LxWxH)機器尺寸(長x寬x高)mm3610*3000*2194
Coolant tank capacity切削液容量L200
Floor area (standard equipment)佔地面積mm5110x4500
Power supply電力需求Kva20


Standard Accessories :
  • Fanuc Controller

  • Collet Chuck

  • Gang Tool System

  • Auto Lubrication System

  • Coolant System

  • SP1/SP2 Inner Coolant & Air Blow

  • Coolant Level Sensor

  • Auto Power Shut-Off

  • Signal Tower

  • Gantry Robot x 1

Optional Accessories :
  • Chip Conveyor

  • Oil Mist Collector

  • Transformer

  • Regulator

  • Mitsubishi Controller

  • Chip Box

  • 3 Jaw Chuck Prenematic Chuck

  • Diaphragm Chuck

  • Air Blow for SP1/SP2

  • High Pressure Coolant System

  • 2nd Robot

  • Workpiece Stocker System

  • Workpiece Rotary Stacker

  • Workpiece Matrix Rotary Tray

  • Parts Turnover Unit

Parallel Dual Spindles & Automation



Mylas can design different loading and unloading systems. Depending on your workpiece design and the output required we can help you to increase your efficiency and save on manpower input.

Automation System Highlights
  • High Speed 3-Axis Gantry Loader
    Flexible Machine Utilization. This machine offers flexible machine configurations for two simultaneous processes, as well as turnaround applications for backmachining.

  • Reduced Cycle Times
    Available with single or twin gantry high speed robot loaders, this machine has the capability for flexible machine utilization and fast production times. Can be customized for specific workpieces.

  • Added Versatility
    Gang type tools and built-in spindles offer the ultimate in precision, speed and production machining versatility.


  • Maximum Spindle Speed 8000 rpm

  • Spindle Drive Motor Torque 24 NM/30 min

  • Gantry Handling Capacity Ø42 mm x 50 mm

Productivity & Complex Machining


Robot Load/Unload
  • The robot can perform automatic loading and unloading reducing operator input.

Finished Parts Conveyor System
  • Machine can be equipped with a conveyor

Parts Tray and Storage System
  • Raw materials or finished products are placed on the tray by robots. Custom trays and stacking requirements can be made for space saving and max storage of up to 12 trays.

Parts Turnover Unit For Back maching
  • Back machining is achieved by the turnover unit quickly and efficiently.



Thermally Stable Spindles

The TT42 has built-in spindles for reliability, speed and precision. The main spindle is using wing system to prevent thermal growth, and heat can not be transfer to headstock. Superb design to reduce thermal issues and chip and coolant intrusion. This configuration is suitable for lights out non-stop mass-production. The max RPM’s is 8000. Specially designed headstock to prevent overheating and maintain precision cutting.