High-speed Precision CNC Auto Lathe/Cam Auto Lathe M-1525-1/M-2025-1

Machine Highlights

M-1525-1/M-2025-1 high-speed Precision Auto Lathe/Cam Auto Lathe has various features, such as a modern tool rest and oil tank, a 3-tier separate type oil tank, and variable speed main spindle transmission.

Modern tool rest & oil tank

  • Recognized as the signature product of MYLAS, has been sold for over 35 years. Earned excellent reputation from customer around the world. This Cam type lathe is fast and stable compared to modern CNC Lathe, it’s traditional yet CLASSIC.

  • Modern tool rest design for the arrangement of tools by specifications; easy to use or remove hex keys, wrenches, vernier calipers, or micrometer calipers, etc.

  • Innovative oil tank for easy cleaning of workpiece chips and the cooling oil can be quickly recycled within the oil tank. This type of oil tank tends not to become blocked by excessive chips.

3-tier separate type oil tank

  • Larger oil capacity provides cooler cutting oil for increased durability of cutting tools.

  • 2-tier chip filtering box is made of a fine steel net for high performance chip filtering.

  • Easy & convenient replacement of cooling oil and cleaning of workpiece chips.

Variable speed main spindle transmission

  • Main spindle speed is adjustable from min. 600rpm to max. 7000rpm, and can be set according to workpiece diameter and hardness. This increases the working range and makes it easier for the cutting of harder materials such as copper and stainless steel.

  • Easy-to-adjust spindle speed with digital read out display.

  • Frequency convertor with built-in safety features for overloading, overheating, etc. Can also be connected to a computer for highly accurate turning speed control.

The Spindle

The main spindle is made from very special steel, which is heat treated, precision ground, and strengthened with carbon. The integrated P4 class ball bearings provide excellent concentricity as well as minimizing abrasion and wear.

The Clutch

This single shaft auto lathe has a very specialized clutch that can meet many different metal processing and machining requirements, such as drilling and tapping, all at variable speeds. This specially designed clutch has a very long life-cycle, increased productivity, and a low replacement rate.

The Oil Tank

This cam lathe comes with a large capacity oil tank that provides cooler cutting oil and therefore improved tool durability. It is also very easy-to-use and allows operators to replace the cooling oil and excess chips without any difficulty.

Dual Shaft-Tapping Shaft Attachment

The dual shaft device uses a magnetic clutch. The device then rotates in the same direction and at different speeds to the main spindle to generate the drilling process. The main advantage of this device is that tapping and deep hole drilling for example, can be performed at the same time.
The concentricity between the tapping shaft and spindle is around 0.01mm.

Dual Shaft – Drilling Shaft Attachment

The concentricity between the drilling shaft and spindle can be as low as 0.01mm.


Cam Lathes developed by MYLAS are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, and are ideal for the 3C, automotive, bicycle, electronics, general machinery, and hardware industries. MYLAS lathes are very versatile so they are well suited to produce precision parts for a wide number of industrial applications.

Tool Holders and Sliders

For increased accuracy this machine comes complete with 5 tool holders with micro adjusting screws. The sliders are made from high-grade cast iron and the sliding surface has been heat treated and precision ground.

Thread Milling Attachment

The thread milling attachment can be mounted on the fifth tool slider which can then provide thread milling functionality. All MYLAS auto lathes/ cam type lathes can be attached with this attachment, for very fast and accurate thread milling.

Cam Set

The cam shaft is powered by the main motor and rotates clockwise, with the possibility to set the rotation speed at 15 different levels. The plate cam can be used for vertical turning and the clock cam can be used for horizontal machining. The cam set is supported by two central bearings which provide easy assembly.


Number of Tools (pcs)55
Number of Tailshafts22
Max. Diameter of Processing (mm)Round 15Ø, Hexagon 13, Tetragon 10Round 20, Hexagon 15, Tetragon 12
Accuracy of Diameter (mm)±0.015±0.015
Max. Length of Processing (mm)3535
Accuracy of Length (mm)±0.015±0.015
Max. Diameter of Drilling (mm)Ø8Ø8
Max. Depth of Drilling (mm)3030
Max. Diameter of TappingCooper M10 x P1.25, Iron M8 x P1.0Cooper M12 x P1.25, Iron M10 x P1.0
Spindle Speed (rpm)2400-84001400-5800
No. of Conversions of Mainshaft’s Reversing Speed55
Cam Shaft Speed (rpm)1.2-45.71.3
Main Motor2HP 1.5KV3HP 2.25KV
Machining Oil Pump Motor (Hp)1月8日1月4日
Height from Floor to Spindle Center (mm)11001100
Machine Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm)1650 x 615 x 15601650 x 615 x 1560
Measurements (Length x Width x Height) (mm)1650 x 850 x 1950, 1430 x 850 x 19501650 x 850 x 1950, 1430 x 850 x 1950
Machine Weight (kg)670670



Standard Accessories :
  • Bar Feeding Rack

  • Oil Splash Proof Cover

  • Adjust Tool

  • Tool Box

  • Oil Cooling System

Optional Accessories :
  • Threading Attachment

  • Sound–Proof Feeding Pipe

  • Long Shaft System

  • Full–Guard Cover

  • Various Speed Transmission Device