Small Type Precision CNC Lathe MY-TURN 42/52/65
Machine Highlights :
  • High quality and automatic complex parts production.

  • Up to 24 hours non-stop operation.

  • Up to 16 hours unmanned operation.

  • Auto tool length measurement and tool offset compensation.

  • 2-axis turret for versatile operations.

  • Designed with heavy-duty machining in mind.

  • Oversized box-way design.

  • Optional tailstock for shaft machining

Axial Feeding System

The axial feeding system is driven by an AC motor that is directly connected to a flexible coupling ball screw that eliminates noise and backlash. The C3 class ball screw is supported by P4 class bevel angular ball bearings in the front and rear for high rigidity and precision. Furthermore an optimal surface finish is achieved as the box-ways are precision ground and hardened to HRC 50~54, and also feature a highly efficient lubrication system.


Automation System

Available automation equipment includes a bar feeder, parts catcher, parts conveyor, and auto tool length measurement device that all meet the demands of automatic production. The bar feeder connection interface features built-in control software as standard, ensuring immediate readiness after connecting to a power source. The dual-arm swing parts catcher places the workpiece away from chips and cutting oil. The standard parts conveyor feeds the finished workpieces out of the machine. Intermittent cutting requirements can be set using energy-saving parameters. The 4-point tool measurement system measures the X and Z direction of the tool and automatically compensates for tool length, diameter, and wear.


Coolant And Chip Disposal System

Dual coolant pumps flush out chips along the Z-axis guard with a fast rate of cutting fluid. The high pressure pump delivers powerful coolant to the turret ensuring easy evacuation of chips without damaging the surface finish, and delivering enough coolant to keep the drill and workpiece cool. Various types of chip disposal systems are available on request.


Application range

Tool measurement, auto tool compensation, tool tip compensation, tool damage detection, and automatic spare tool selection.


Turret System

The 8-tool powerful turret features a hydraulically-driven 140mm curved tooth that achieves a massive 14kN locking force. The turret is driven by an AC servo motor, with a tool changing time of 0.2s (single tool) or 0.5s (diagonal tool).

Box Way

All axes feature a very rigid box-way construction that is specially treated to eliminate the need for a Turcite-B coating. The box-ways have an increased thickness of 25% compared to previous models, for extreme rigidity and to ensure high precision machining under heavy loads.


The heavy-duty spindle features three bevel angular ball bearings in the front and rear, and is also supported by roller bearings to provide enhanced rigidity and smooth movement under heavy cutting loads. All spindle bearings are P4 class (ABEC-7), with the spindle motor providing 5.5/7.5kW force and a maximum torque of 37.6Nm at 938 rpm output.

加工能力Max. turning length of barmmØ42Ø52Ø65
Max. turning lengthmm150/175150/175150/175
行程X axis travelmm201201201
Z axis travelmm200200200
主軸Spindle nosetypeA2-5A2-6A2-6
Spindle speedrpm50-500050-450050-4500
刀塔No.of tool stationset888
Size of I.D tool holdermm252525
Size of O.D tool holdermm20x2020x2020x20
Turret indexing timesec0.20.20.2
Tool Change Time (opposite)sec0.50.50.5
進給率X/Z axis rapid traverseeM/min18/1818/1818/18
尾座Quill travelmm100100100
Quill taper mmMT3MT3MT3
馬達Spindle motorkW5.5/7.57.5/11.57.5/11.5
油箱Coolant tank capacityL145145145
尺寸Length of machinemm233023362336
Wideth of machinemm150015001500
Height of machinemm165016501650
Weight of machinekg250025502550
Floor area (standard equipment)mm3200x22223200x22223200x2222
電力需求Power supplyKva151515