Do you know what a bar feeder is?

It’s one kind of machine for bar conveying. Mostly, the solid, hollow, or hexagonal bars are the main material of the bar feeder. Both CNC lathe and swiss type lathe can be used with the bar feeder.


In now a day, there are many different types of bar feeders, oil film, servo type, and pneumatic type with the following features:

Oil film type

Inside the bar feeder, the bars are soaked in oil. Normally, we use the oil film type bar feeder together with swiss type lathe.


Servo type

It's the most accurate, stalest, and fastest solution. However, the price was the biggest weakest spot of this type. With the better technical and lower limit of part machining, the final cost is getting lower than before. This type has become the most popular type of bar feeder even with unsatisfied prices.


Pneumatic type

the most economical solution with poor stability which leads to different feeding points. Mainly, this type will be used with CNC lathe.

MYLAS has many kinds of solutions with feeders. Most of our CNC turning centers are worked together with servo type of bar feeder. What kind of bar feeders do you use with MY TURN CNC Lathe?

To support high accuracy and various application, the followings are the basis of the bar feeder using:

  • Continuously machining: With the same diameter of the material, the bar feeder is the better selection.

  • The shape of raw material: Based on the design of the bar feeder, the raw material must be the solid round bar, hollow round bar, solid hexagonal bar, or hollow hexagonal bar.

  • The length of raw material: no matter what machining process, there will be a rest of the bar at the end of machining. According to the standard of raw material worldwide, there are different lengths of setting for the bar feeder.

With different types of lathes, the constructors of the bar feeders are different.


CNC lathe

The rest bar will be pushed out from the spindle in accordance with the design of CNC lathe. In addition, there is dry from the spindle so the bar feeder should not be used with oil film type.


SWISS type lathe

According to the spindle design of Swiss type lathe, the bar should be kept wet and the rest part could not push out from the spindle side so that the oil film type will be the suitable type.

However, there are some of MYLAS’s partners who prefer to use bar feeders with both CNC lathe and Swiss type lathe. To fit the new demand, there is a universal type for such kind of market.

For precision and perfection, there is a limitation of the straightness of raw material which is 2-3mm. If the accuracy is poor, the centrifugal force of the rest material will damage the spindle while rotating. Besides, the stability of feeding will be affected if the raw material with weak accuracy.

For different machining processes, all the types of bar feeders have their own suitable solution. Which type of combination will be the most interesting for you?

Due to COVID-19, the market is not the same as usual. The demand is changing time by time. To catch fast variation, our partner focus on the highest efficiency solution. Therefore, choosing a suitable solution is the key for shorten cycle time.


Bar feeder

If the raw materials are bars, the bar feeders with collet and pushing rod are the better solution. Due to the size limitation of the bar feeder, the maximum turning diameter of the lathe would be the standard of the model chosen. Normally, the collets and related parts of the bar feeder limit the turning application so that the lower variation of diameter is a better selection.



For the single part machining, robot is a common choice with high efficiency. The robot includes the linear type and multi-axis type. In accordance with application type, linear type robot usually uses with one-stop solution and multi-axis type robot usually combine with whole production line include several types of machines. In scale machining, the unmanned factory usually selects the multi-axis type robot with slide rail and MOBUS system.

For different applications, each feeding type has both advantages and disadvantages. Which mode do you prefer?
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