Exhibition Invitation in March 2018


MYLAS Team would like to exclusively invite you to join our two exhibitions in Netherland. and Italy by our distributors.

ALMA SRL and CNC Holland Group.




CNC Twin-Turret Multi-Tasking Turning Center
> Dual Spindles and Dual Turrets with back machining, saving up to 50% of the cycle time.
> The main turret is equipped with Y axis, 12 stations live tools.
> The sub spindle is equipped with 8- station live tools.



Techni Show - March, 20 - 23

Booth No : A039, Hall 12

Show Location : Jaarbeurs, Netherland

Feature Model: MY-TURN DT42


The MY-TURN DT42 is one of our best-selling CNC lathes, reporting numerous positive customers reviews for its accuracy and the ability to machine easy to complex parts. You buy one, you buy it all. Come by and check out the machine in person.




> Dual Y Axis, Dual Spindles, Dual channel.
> Sauter BMT 45 / VDI 30 Power Turret available.
> Equipped up to 38 Tools for complex parts machining.



MECSPE - March, 22 - 24

Booth No : F69, Hall2

Show Location : Parma Fairground, Italy

Feature Model : MY-TURN DY42 and DT52