Box Way V.S Linear Way

Box Way V.S Linear Way 2017/12/25Author name:Stanley Lin

We are always debating on the benefit of the Box Way and Linear Way, it depends on the purpose of machining for the workpiece. The box way is recognized as “Heavy-Duty” Cutting, stability, less vibrations, and higher pricing. The linear way is made for HSC (High Speed Cutting), light duty, higher precision, and lower pricing.

We have categorized the pros and cons for the Box way and Linear Way, to help you choose the most suitable machine.


Box Way
  • Advantage
  • Higher Rigidity

  • Less Vibration

  • Better damping

  • Heavy Duty Cutting

  • All Purpose

  • Disadvantage
  • Slower Rapid Speed

  • Higher cost

  • Stick Slip

  • Lower Accuracy



Linear Way
  • Advantage
  • Faster Speed

  • Higher Accuracy

  • Less worn out

  • Disadvantage
  • Light Duty Cutting

  • Low Rigidity

  • Only Suitable for particular material, ex. Brass, aluminum.

  • Easily damaged when the machine crashed



Rigidity and Stick Slip Comparison Chart
 Linear Ball Guide WayRoller Ball Guide WayBox Way
Feed rate0.1um0.1um1um



 Precision Linear Guide wayUltra Precision Linear Guide wayBox Way
Stick-Slip30-80 kgf/um30-80 kgf/um100kgf/um
Feedr ate>100m/min30m/min<20m/min


The Box way is preferred when working with harder material, higher loading, and all-purpose application over linear way. The benefit is that no limitation for different types of jobs.


MYLAS Premium Box Way Technology

It is Built from Special Alloy and Casting, our alloy reduces the tolerance between axes while increasing its rigidity, stability and precision. Provide you substantial Dollar Savings and Accurate Long-Life operations.



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