Chip Breaking Function

In the CNC turning field, it is difficult to deal with the material such as aluminum, stainless steel, Tritium chips, because its characteristic of the flurry chips, it bothers the programmer very much.

The non-removable chips decreases the workpiece surface roughness, tool life decrease, and increase cycle time. In the past, the engineer use external air blow to the workpiece, high pressure coolant, or specialty tools to overcome the problem. However, it can only address the symptoms of the problem, rather than solving the problem at root.

CITIZEN MACHINERY(CINCOM/MIYANO) invented LFV technology together with Mitsubishi corporation in year 2014, call Low Frequency Vibration Technology. The control technology synchronizes the vibration of the servo axis with the revolution of the main axis. LFV breaks chips into small pieces and discharges them during operation. This addresses all the problems caused by entangled chips during difficult-to-cut material machining and deep hole drilling.

Even this function seems like very convenient, the actual cost is consider as very high at the moment to add this option. Also the future maintenance is also the factor to think because the axis ballscrew may be worn out due to the servo vibration, and it has to constantly keep lubricated and increase the interval of the lubrication time.

In recent years, the demand of LFV has increased, and lots of competitor from Citizen has developed similar function, such as the ACTIVE CHIP BREAKER from the Swiss Manufacturer, Tornos, and the famous sliding head maker, Star from Japan invented the function called HFT(HIGH FREQUENCY TURNING).

The Controller Maker, Fanuc, also introduced the function, servo oscillation, in selected controller as an option, which can installed in every kind of machine.

MYLAS also started to adapt this function in 2019, and customer is happy for its performance, because it greatly slash the operating time for programmer. We are now available to choose this option in all kind of CNC Lathe Machines with great pricing compare to Japanese or Europe brand.

You may check the following video to see the comparison of the chip breaking.


Chip Breaking Function of MYLAS Machinery

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