The differences of CNC fixed headed lathe and CNC swiss Type lathe.

The horizontal CNC lathe can be categorized into fixed head and swiss type lathe. The mill-turn CNC lathe enable customer to machining the Turn and Mill operation in one machine without secondary process, or even outsource to other job shops. The CNC turning with mill turn function can finish the workpiece in ONE SETUP.

The Fixed head CNC lathe is the workpiece is clamped on the spindle, the spindle rotation in the fixed position. The tool or Turret can machining the fixed workpiece by the continuous moving axis.

It is suitable for Heavy Duty, big diameter workpiece, since the runout on the big diameter and long bar will be very much. That’s the reason we use fixed head for bigger diameter workpiece, and the concentricity will be better for fixed head machine. It is suitable for industry, such as aerospace, automobile.

The workpiece turning size is always bigger than swiss type machine, and equipped with bigger fixed tool holder, living tools, and motor, the advantage of this is good for heavy duty milling, and turning. In additional, it can install 6/8/10” chuck on the main spindle.

The swiss type machine(sliding head) is the spindle clamped the material and the workpiece is being pushed by the rotary bush continuously to extend the material length.

The benefit is to machining long workpiece, small diameter, we recommended the diameter is no bigger than 42mm for sliding operation.

MYLAS CNC Turning center is dedicated on the fixed head function by high rigidity box ways , and finish the workpiece in one SINGLE TIME is our ultimate goal.