Since 1985, the ultimate goal behind MYLAS Machinery is to provide the best solutions to our customers. The modern design and innovative developments are attributed to the spirit of MYLAS. Explore the current MYLAS product portfolio to find out more.

  • Gang Tool Lathe
  • Dual Spindles & Dual Y-Axes
  • Up to 38 Tools
  • Optional Tailstock available
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  • Dual Spindles & Dual Turrets
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station VDI30/ BMT 45 Live Turret
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  • Double Spindle
  • Turret + Gang Tools
  • Y axis available
  • Superimposed Function
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  • Twin Spindle Twin Robot Lathe
  • For Mass Production, working diameter upto 42mm
  • Ultra Precise, small floor print
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  • One Live Turret & Dual Spindles
  • Y-Axis Functionality
  • 12 Station Live Turret
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  • 4 Live Tools on Y-Axis
  • Up to 6 Live Tools on Z-Axis
  • 6 Customized Tooling System
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  • One Spindle & One Turret
  • 2 Axes
  • Max 65mm Bar Dia
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  • Max 20mm Dia
  • 5 Tools
  • 2 Dual Shaft
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Lathes developed by MYLAS are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel...

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CNC Turning Center Y axis Machining Application

CNC turn/mill lathe has greatly expanded in recent years, it includes trandional C/X/Z axis machining application with live tools, but it cannot satisfy job shops because the complexity, precision and cost for machining workpiece is getting higher, for that reason, Y axis CNC turning center is being consider as the standard and mainstream in the field. Job shops can reach higher requirement with Y axis and live tools, with Y axis, it can perform cross milling, drilling, tapping, curved surface, and pocket. The cycle time will be enormously reduced and the precision will be much better than C/X/Z axis machining.

In the following drawing is the Y axis milling application, it demonstrate Axial and Radial milling, for example, it performs cross milling square shape, and off center milling rectangle on the workpiece face.

Tooling System Variety with Y axis

Y axis also helps expanded the tooling variety and flexibility, because Y axis can do off center movement, it increase the tooling application, for example.

The ID tool holder tooling number can be increase to 3 or 4 holes.

The OD tool Holder can be Increase to 4 tools

Also on the live tooling can be increased, for example, the axial live tooling Can be increase from 1 to 2 tools.

Dual Y axis Application

There are some application that single Y axis cannot be performed because some of the workpieces are too complex, so that is why the invention of the second Y axis is used for more complicate machining. Especially it is used for the back machining for the workpiece, with the second Y axis, it can be equipped with multiple tools. For instance, MYLAS DY series CNC turning center is equipped second Y axis, and the number of the tools can be expanded to 14 tools, the standard 2 axis CNC lathe can never compete with this multi functional turning center.